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Extranet Applications

  • Many organizations are starting to make use of the Web within "EXTRANET applications."

  • Extranets are invaluable in partnerships that revolve around just-in-time inventory and manufacturing philosophies.

  • Extranet applications of internet technology allow real-time, economical, and efficient electronic commerce and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with the trading partners of a company.

  • Extranets save considerable money over the operating costs of EDI networks and VANs (Value-Added Networks) in reaching suppliers and customers.

  • Extranets transfer information to trading partners much faster than VANs plagued with dial-up delivery problems.

Here is a real, industrial-strength Extranet application "before & after" diagrams:

adapted from: DATA COMMUNICATIONS, June 1997


Before Extranet 
application EDI server Modems Customers VAN Partners
Select the numbers 1-4 above for detailed explanations.


After Extranet 
application Minimized VAN Extranet Hardware Extranet push Client pull
Select the numbers 1-3b above for detailed explanations.

The use of a private internet for inter-corporate EDI has solved the three largest problems facing electronic data interchange!

  • First, messages (work order relases, forecasts, etc.) to customer or partner companies no longer stack up at bottlenecks neither at the machines running the EDI applications nor at a VAN that waits for all messages before transmitting them.
    At Dofasco Steel (the case on which the diagrams are based), the delivery time was cut from hours to about one minute.

  • Second, the distribution of messages has become significantly cheaper, alllowing the inclusion of all minor trading partners in the EDI system.
    At Dofasco Steel, the average monthly recurring costs per transaction with each trading partner was reduced 68%.

  • Third, the recipient company no longer needs a VAN connection in 24-hour standby mode to accept VAN messages, and the distributed messages are now automatically pushed to a desktop connected to the extranet, independently of how frequently the recipient company dials and checks messages every day.

If you need more details on how Rooster Graphics International can help you make use of a private Internet for Electronic Data Interchange while assuring transaction integrity and security, please have your organization's MIS expert contact us to inquire about our Corporate Extranet Applications ideas.

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